20.10.2018 11:11

pasco Jiles

Thank you for doing this type of show for our community,veterans so many veterans will be bless as they tune in.

27.02.2018 10:07

Dorothy Beasley

l like you page and website it's awesome ,congrat! God bless keep up the good work.

10.02.2018 15:54

Wilma woods

I love your page and i loved your first fb live, GOD BLESS

31.12.2017 16:09

Jackie Reed

I love your page Mother Hooks. May continue blessing you in all your endeavors.

07.04.2017 01:26

Anita Cooper

Sis. Hooks please call Gloria cooper's mother, Ozell Cooper at 619-264-3586. She has a question about your book. Thank you

25.10.2016 14:27

Kenneth Smith

I so proud that your my sister and the world can feel the light that you shine

02.11.2016 09:38

JoAnne Smith Hooks

Thank you Baby Brother....You are such an encourager! Love you!

01.03.2016 06:18

Barbara Davis

Jo - I am so glad to be doing the Bible Study with you and our other sisters. Let us know when your next book comes out. Love you Sis!!

03.04.2016 11:42

JoAnne Smith Hooks

I love the Bible Study, as well....You all will be the first to receive information pertaining to the next book. Barb, I didn't receive the link to the blog.

09.12.2015 23:01

Michelle Farthing

Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year with all the love from all of us

09.12.2015 21:46

Tasha Foy

What a blessing! Awesome

09.12.2015 15:59

Barbara Davis

Congrats my sister! You are an inspiration

28.10.2015 08:46



27.10.2015 17:54

Kathleen Edwards

Your books are such an inspiration to All! God Bless you Mother Hooks!

27.10.2015 17:35

Carol Morgan Oggs

Mother Hooks, you are such an inspiration to so many people. May God continue to bless you in all of your efforts. Your dedication to God really shines through.

27.10.2015 15:45

Edna Johnson Turner

Joanne Hooks is a dear friend of mine. She a great Author, a great prayer warrior and a great writer, Mother & wife.We pray that this book does even better.

21.03.2015 09:13


I would like to receive any and all notices of up coming events with the Church of God In Christ. and functions that the women of vision may have. Amazing You.

31.01.2015 05:58

Delsiree Bryant

I see I got to get this book how much is di I send for it.

05.02.2015 10:01

JoAnne Smith Hooks

Go to, barnes & nobles or westbow Thanks for patronizing. Will you please encourage others to do so, for me? It would help my ratings.

23.08.2014 08:10

JoAnne Smith Hooks

Oh Priscilla, you are so sweet! Thank you for those encouraging words!....Love you!

19.08.2014 17:14

Priscilla Lopez

Check out this inspiring, insightful, and beautiful story of JoAnne Smith Hooks journey through life. Also how forgiveness saved her.

20.07.2014 01:15

Jacqulin Williams

Hello, Joanne! Gorgeous as ever and doing wonderful work. Continued blessings, my friend.

19.08.2014 00:51

JoAnne Smith Hooks

Thanks Jackie! Please keep me in your prayers...

14.12.2013 22:55

Barbara Davis

Hey Jo - It's your sister, Barbara. I love your website and like our bigger sister, Jenny, I am so, so proud of you. Keep doing what you are doing - Love you!

15.12.2013 04:30

JoAnne Smith Hooks

OMG Barb! You and Jenny have made my day! Thank you for those encouraging words! You all have blessed my heart! God bless you and I love you lil sister!

13.12.2013 22:15

joanne smith hooks

Sorry Jenny, I meant to say "it gives me the courage to keep doing what I am doing as opposed to what I am do"....Lol....Love you!

13.12.2013 20:18

Virginia (Jenny)

This is a wonderful website. This is my first time viewing it. I also watched your video and it was great. I am so so proud of you, my little sister.

13.12.2013 21:32

joanne smith hooks

Thank you Jenny for those encouraging words! It gives me the courage to keep doing what I am do. Please keep me in your prayers. Love you too big sister!

07.07.2013 06:23

Pamelal Jones

mother hooks you are my mentor and I thank god for it each and every day. my computer is falling apart. and I can't sent you any messages.

19.03.2013 08:41

Pamela Jones

This something we have to practice on a daily basis, and let the lord guide us in his path of rightousness, and that includes forgiveness, because he forgives.

05.02.2013 13:14

Sister Billie

God bless you. I like. My son, Christian, a recent graduate from USC, I will ask for his feedback.

05.02.2013 20:30

JoAnne Smith Hooks

Thank you Sis. Billie...You are such an inspiration to me. Love you!

05.02.2013 09:24

JoAnne Smith Hooks

Check out my website that I am building. I need your feedback. Especially, the experts. Help me to enhance. Thank God for the Holy Ghost directing me!