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Apr. 21, 2020

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Feb. 4, 2013

Growing up in a Small Town

How would you feel coming from a large family of 20 siblings and growing up with 16 in the household? You would pray for your own room. Your prayers are actually answered as you branch out and rent a place of your own.

Feb. 5, 2013

News in Marianna, Arkansas

I Don’t Take It Lightly

Book #1----

Here is a small portion of the Introduction ----

I often think about all the miracles God has performed in my life and how He gave me chance after chance to get it right. I remember times when I failed God but felt that nothing bad could ever happen to me. However, I was wrong. My life has been from trial to triumph, from victim to victory. Many times it has not been easy but God has proven Himself to be faithful and a friend. This book is just a portion of the story of my life. I trust that as you read it you will be blessed and encouraged.

I grew up in the small town of Marianna, population 6500, located in the great state of Arkansas. With such a small population, naturally our family knew everyone and everyone knew us including our parents. My parents were sharecroppers and well-respected in our home town. They were also the parents of 20 children. I am their tenth child. I have been asked often if all of us were from the same parents. My answer has always been, “Yes, we have the same parents.”

God-fearing, my parents took good care of their children; protecting us from so much of what was wrong in the world. We were clean, well behaved children, flourishing on a modest income. We didn’t worry about economic status, it wasn’t our concern.

We simply enjoyed playing with each other, had fun with our friends and lived a healthy lifestyle.

Feb. 19, 2013

A Blessed Home!

In our home, love was always demonstrated. It was not often stated but it was felt by all my siblings. Even today, my siblings and I recall times of laughter and fun in our home. We can reminisce with pleasure days when we were happy and there were many. Thinking about our childhood has at times, raised some serious, even hurtful memories for me but also pleasant, joyful memories.

Go with me down memory lane and see for yourself why I chose to be saved, to serve God and why.....

I Don't Take it Lightly!

Dec. 6, 2013

The Drama Queen - "Conscious versus Unconscious"

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment? Check out this hilarious true story in my book!

It was Homecoming season, a time for celebration and fun. I was a junior in high school and ready for a new look. My sister was home from the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff (UAPB) and thought that I should cut and style my hair into the “Cleopatra” style, which was the fad at that time. My hair had grown down my back and I was ready. She allowed me to wear one of her dresses because the Homecoming football game was scheduled later for that day and I was to march on the field as being one of the majorettes, at that time. Big sisters are wonderful to have!

After my sister cut my hair and I put on her cute dress, I knew I looked good. Nobody could tell me differently. I left the house ready for the acknowledgments that I was obviously going to receive. I told everybody at home good-bye and off I went. I walked with purpose and style. As I sashayed down the street with my hair blowing in the wind, and a great big smile on my face, boys from behind me from the opposite team began to whistle as I was walking down the sidewalk of the school. What a nice compliment! Like everyone knows, it’s nice to be recognized.

I turned my head to look back at the boys, grinning with acknowledgment of their compliment. I knew I looked good but pride goes before a fall! When I turned back around, the next thing I know I walked straight into a big pole! Oh My God, I had never been so embarrassed in my entire life! I hit that pole so hard I fell to the ground, in a cute way. Of course, this was after I knew that the bump rising on my forehead was going to be huge! But let me tell you, even though I was embarrassed, I fell the same way I walked, with style and grace! This was after I saw everybody laughing. I had to think fast as I was looking down at the cement sidewalk. I definitely didn’t want to hurt myself again…twice in one day would have been to much for me to bear.

As I was lying there, the boys walked over to see about me. I could hear their comments but because I was so self-conscious, I figured I’d just lay here and pretend that I knocked myself out. I didn’t know how long I was supposed to be out, so all I could do was just listen to them as they talked about me.

The three of them picked me up; two at my feet and one with my hands, they carried me to the treatment center. I really wanted to say something but I just couldn’t. Besides, I still didn’t know how long I was supposed to be unconscious. Even when they made comments like, “This chick sure is heavy!” I couldn’t say anything. Oh how I wanted to say something but I was supposed to be unconscious. If I could have said something I would have corrected all three of them by telling them that I only weighed about 105lbs!

Ms. Kennedy, my home economics teacher, received us. I heard her tell the boys to get a cold towel so that she could place it over the lump on my forehead. When the cold towel didn’t seem to bring me around, Ms. Kennedy became excited, “My goodness she said, “ By now she should be conscious! We need to call the doctor!” Remember, I didn’t know how long a fake unconsciousness was supposed to last.

At that time I had watched “Gone With Wind” and I was trying to portray the character of Scarlett O'Hara when she placed her hand on her forehead and recited her lines. Of course, my lines were different.

“I better wake up because the doctor will really know I’m lying, I thought”. Here are my lines, as I sat up in the bed with my right hand on my forehead and left hand on my hip looking up at Ms. Kennedy. I opened my eyes and asked, “ Where am I?” As if I didn’t know. I said, “Ms. Kennedy is that you”?

Ms. Kennedy’s excitement seemed to grow when she heard me asked where I was. “Oh no, She has amnesia! We better call her mother.”

Oh boy, this was getting serious and I knew that my mother would definitely know that I was faking. I knew it was time to say something in a hurry.

The end result of the story is: My mom somehow received the news about my charade and investigated the huge lump on my forehead. Would you believe that she made me march in that game anyway with that big lump on my forehead? She told me, “That’s what you get for lying”. How embarrassing was that? I learned my lesson, that it does not pay to lie because your lies will definitely catch up with you or should I say find you out. I am a living witness. I guess I didn’t expect everything to come to the forefront within the same day! It was so exhausting to keep lying...I will never forget that day!

We must teach our children that it is not a good thing to lie. The truth will always prevail!

Author, JoAnne Smith Hooks
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07.12.2013 01:46

JoAnne Smith Hooks

Check-out my story on The Reader's Site. It is a hilarious true story based on Conscious or Unconscious. An embarrassing moment that happened in my life!

05.02.2013 20:36

JoAnne Smith Hooks

Thank you all for your encouraging words! You have blessed me to pursue in this adventure. Please keep praying for me as I do what God will have me to do.

05.02.2013 19:33

Scott D. Jackson

All I can say mother Hooks is that I am very happy for you . Don't ask me to critique you as I am the wrong person, for all I can see is the good in

05.02.2013 13:26

Sister Billie

My mispells are bad - Sister Billie

Previous input - I wanted to say: I've enjoyed what I've read, thus far.

05.02.2013 13:25

Karyes Stockdale

Bless you Mother JoAnn Hooks, it is all in God planning a small town with a big minded woman with great ideas for Gods people.Never stop writing for the Lord .

05.02.2013 13:22

Sistet Bullie

I truly love what I have thus far.

05.02.2013 10:12

JoAnne Smith Hooks

I wrote, "I Don't Take it Lightly" back in 2006 and dedicated it to my mom. She passed away on January 16, 2012. She was a great supporter. R.I.P. Mama!