.  As Faith and Hope were walking down the road one day, they met at a crossroad called Key Corner.  Faith told Hope, “ to meet him on the other side of the Jordan River because there were some people he needed to talk with on the Riverbed.”

·  As Faith started on his journey a couple of miles down the riverbank he saw Misery setting on a log all by himself.  He yelled, “Hey, Misery!  Why are you sitting out here all alone?  Misery said, “I’m waiting on my company because you know misery loves company.”  Faith told him, “You don’t need any company.”  He said, “All you need is a lil’bit of faith, so come on and go with me.”

·  As Faith and Misery walked down the riverbank they saw Depression standing by, just watching the water.  Faith yelled out, “ Hey D!  What you doing out here all by yourself?”  He said, “I was contemplating on going into the river and letting the current take me under because there’s no hope for me and no one cares.”  He said, “My wife filed for a divorce, I lost my job, my home, and my children, so there is nothing left for me.  I am now homeless and no one wants to take me in.  My friends have deserted me.  When I was helping them it was okay, but no one can help me now.  Faith said, “All you need to do is trust me by having a lil’bit of faith, so come on and go with me.”

·  Well, Faith, Misery and Depression went on down the riverbank.  Depression looked to his right and he said, “That look like Suicide sitting out there all by himself.” Misery asked, “What’s that he’s pointing at his head?”  Faith said, “It’s a gun and he’s getting ready to kill himself.”  Faith yelled!  Hey Susee! What are you getting ready to do with that gun?  He said, “I am getting ready to take my life.  He said, I used to be a Pastor of a large congregation and I’ve disappointed everybody.  Being the backbone for everybody, I had lots of money and a good job.  I got caught up in drugs and alcohol and I can’t find my way back.  So the best thing for me to do is to take my life.”  Faith told him, “No, I can’t let you do that because there is hope for you.  All you need is a lil’bit of faith, so come on and go with me.” 

·  As Faith, Misery, Depression and Suicide traveled on down the riverbank they saw a woman by a small grave just weeping.  Suicide asked Faith, “What do you think is wrong with her?  Look at her eyes.  They are black and blue.  What about that small grave?  It looks like a child’s grave!”  Faith said, “She buried her child some months ago due to domestic violence.  The little girl went to her mother and told her that, "Her boyfriend had been molesting her".  The mother didn’t believe her.  When the mother confronted her boyfriend about it, a violent fight broke out between the two of them.  The little girl jumped in the middle to try to stop the fight and the boyfriend killed her.  Now the mother blames herself for her daughter’s death.”  Misery, Depression and Suicide asked Faith, “Could he help her?”  He said, “All she need is a lit’bit of faith.  Woman, come on and go with me.”

     So you see, it doesn’t matter what you are going through, there is hope for you.  God said that:
· He will never leave us nor forsake us.
· He is the Lord of lords.
· He is the King of kings.
· He is the Lily of the Valley.
· The Bright and Morning Star.
· He is Alpha and Omega.
· He is the First and the Last.
· He is the Beginning and the End.
· He is the Great I AM.
· He is our Hope for Tomorrow.
· He said, “I AM everything you need.”

     Hebrew 11:1 says, “Now faith (meaning right now, this hour) is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” 

     In other words:  We may not be able to see those things right now, but if we trust and believe God, He will definitely bring them to pass.  The key is to believe!  “All you need is a lil’bit of faith.”

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Healing/Trust/Hope/Faith by Mother JoAnne Smith Hooks

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Title: Healing/Trust/Hope/Faith by Mother JoAnne Smith Hooks

A Bitter Disease Called Unforgiveness

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