Single Parents Raising Successful Children


A MUST HEAR: Lydia Pearce talks about her struggles as a "Single Parent Raising Successful Children" on the JoAnne Smith Hooks Talk Show aka Lady Jo.

We are so godly proud of you, Lydia!

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Love you,
Lady Jo




Dear Friends,

Nothing can add to the sheer beauty and the Portrait of the Forgotten Women!  Although we may have been left behind we are still Virtuous Women.  

Virtuous means - having or showing high moral standards. We consider to be women of excellent, having a character made-up of virtues valued as good.  We are honest, respectful, courageous, forgiving, and kind women.  We do the right thing, and don't bend to impulses, urges or desires, but act according to values and principles.

We may have had children out of wedlock or were casted out of the society because we did not have husbands.  Yet, we are women that walk tall and hold our heads high because of dignity.  We have placed ourselves in this class or division of women having particular characteristics such as;


  1. Good – desired or approved of.
  2. Moral – concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior.
  3. Ethical – higher standards.
  4. Upstanding – honest & respectable.
  5. High-minded – having strong moral principles.
  6. Law-abiding – obedient to the laws of society.
  7. Irreproachable – free from blame.
  8. Blameless – innocent of wrongdoing.
  9. Guiltless – having no guilt; innocent.
  10. Unimpeachable – not able to be questioned or criticized.
  11. Just – behaving to what is right or wrong.
  12. Honest – free of deceit and untruthfulness.
  13. Honorable – worthy of honor.
  14. Decent – of an acceptable and respectable standard.
  15. Respectable – regarded by society to be good, proper, or correct.
  16. Noble – belonging to a class with high social status.
  17. Elevated – raised up.
  18. Worthy – having or showing great qualities.
  19. Trustworthy – able to be relied on as honest or truthful.
  20. Commendable – deserving praise.
  21. Admirable – deserving respect and approval.


Stand tall, “Forgotten Women.”  We have finally discovered who we are!   We know that God has forgiven us and now we are able to soar like an eagle. 

My husband, Mr. Lee A. Hooks respects and believes in the, “Forgotten Women.”


Love you,

Mrs. JoAnne Smith Hooks aka Lady Jo


Dear Friends, 
Please remember:  This Ministry is based upon Women that have been casted down or having a difficult time fitting into society.
Out of the 7 questions below, which one(s) have you or are experiencing?
1.  Have you ever been hurt by others in your life?
2.  Are you still hurting?
3.  Are you hurting from your past?
4.  Are you still carrying that past hurt in your heart?
5.  Out of your hurt, have you allowed anger & hatred to penetrate into your heart?
6.  How do you distinguish love out of the hurt in your heart?
7.  Are you seeking deliverance from these feelings?
I would like to bring to your attention these words:
In this day and time, people are struggling with all types of issues, which causes the mind & heart to become weak. 
Bitterness is taking over and so many are experiencing anger, strife, and malice because of a deep hurt they feel is unexplainable.  We must be extra careful of the words that we use.  They could hinder or help someone. 
Once words are spoken, they cannot be retrieved and the damage has already been done.
More to come, as we build this Ministry together...
Will you please pray for us as we carry this Ministry to the next level?
If you are interested in working with us in this Ministry, please email me at:
We love you!
Lee & JoAnne Hooks


Dear Friends, 

God has allowed us to embark upon a new Ministry called, "The Forgotten Women." 

You are probably wondering what this Ministry all about.  

This Ministry is based upon Women that have been casted down or having a difficult time fitting into society.  We are or were single moms rearing our children alone.  If you notice, I said, "single moms."  It is because I too, were placed in the, "single mom's" category for many years before God sent my husband, Mr. Lee Andrew Hooks into my life, 38+ years ago.  

Mr. Hooks came into my life when I was battling cancer and trying to raise my child alone.  By the grace of God he helped nurture me back to health.  He has also decided to coach me along the way in this particular Ministry because of the challenges I encountered as a single parent.

As I began to research some of the women in the Bible that came close to what we were or are going through.  I looked at Rizpah in the Book of 2nd Samuel 3:7; 21:8-11.

Rizpah suffered greater tribulation than any woman in the Old Testament.  Rizpah's name has come to mean intense suffering, such as only a devoted mother can endure.  

Today, we can gaze with admiring wonder at Rizpah's love and patience.  And what faith!  She believed that sooner or later God would deliver.  

Rizpah in her suffering, typifies thousands of wives, daughters, and sisters, sitting at the bedside of loved ones.  Silently and alone, many of us bear sorrow, just like Rizpah.

Therefore, I am seeking women to come to the table to strategize by the grace of God on a heartfelt Ministry with me to reach-out to help others. 

By faith, I know without a doubt that we are stronger together... 

We are the "Daughters of Rizpah"...

 Will you please pray for us as we carry this Ministry to the next level?

If you are interested in working with us in this Ministry, please email me at:

 We love you!

 Lee & JoAnne Hooks



The Daughters of Rizpah - The Forgotten Women - Vision & Mission Statement

JoAnne Smith Hooks Radio Talk Show

The Daughters of Rizpah

“The Forgotten Women”

Vision & Mission Statement




The Daughters of Rizpah are concerned about the welfare of “The Forgotten Women” and their Rehabilitation.  We believe, the power of Jesus Christ, has enabled us and called us to help relieve the suffering of these Ladies to help with the needs of their children.

We will use any available Resources to help restore God’s people back to physical, mental, and spiritual health.




The Daughters of Rizpah seek to provide, bridge, and develop the “Forgotten Women” to devote their valuable time and energy to something new (change).

We seek to honor and praise God by teaching, instructing, training women to apply the Word of God through sound doctrine that will benefit all stages of life.

2 Samuel 21:10 

And Rizpah the daughter of Aiah took sackcloth and spread it out for herself on a rock. From the beginning of the harvest until the rain from heaven poured down on the bodies, she did not allow the birds of the air to rest on them by day, nor the beasts of the field by night.



07.06.2020 17:55

Valerie Johnson

I to was a single mom, if it had not been for my mom, I do not know if I would have faired so well.
What can I do to help you in this call on your life.

06.06.2020 21:09

Charlene Bazile

Good afternoon my sister. I too was married before and had two children then became a single mother for years. It was quite a struggle. Many many visits from Satan but more visits from All Mighty God

06.06.2020 14:29

Women Initiating Success Envisioned Inc. (WISE)

What a lovely page but as you talk about women, remember the incarcerated, and formerly incarcerated. I would love to talk with you about this new endeavor.

06.06.2020 12:56


Yesssssss both of you together Thank God!