Is There A Pill To Heal A Hurt? 

     When we look at the word hurt we find that there are many definitions to this small four-letter word, which can cause great damage in our lives if we allow it too.  As we looked at the definition of hurt we discovered that there were several meanings such as; - bodily injury; to cause bodily pain; to affect unfavorably; to harm; to cause mental pain; to offend or grieve: 

     The most important one that we will be focusing on through-out this book will be the mental pain.  We all can attest having suffered in every area above and have learned to adjust to the bodily injuries and sometimes we may even take a pill to recuperate from our pain.  Have you ever pondered in your mind if there were certain pills out there?

  • To heal a hurt, especially, a mental hurt?
  • What about a pill to cure a broken heart?
  • A pill to stop us from crying when someone has deeply hurt our feelings?
  • To help a bad marriage (which is a deep hurt)?
  • Prevent a divorce (some end in death)?
  • To help us when we are going through a bad relationship?
  • What about when our children are in trouble?
  • A certain pill to help us through, when we lose a love one?
  • To help when someone tells us they don’t love us anymore?
  • To help us through molestation or rape (wondering will we ever get passed the why and humiliation)?
  • To help someone that has gone through domestic violence (wondering what did we do wrong)?
  • To get pass the hurt in our homes, on our jobs or in our schools?
  • To get pass church hurt (which is the worst hurt of all)? 

     I should think not.  When we are going through these times we will need a friend to confide in.  The Bible says, “God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds”.

Do you believe when we hurt, God hurts?  He feels our pain and will cater to our whole being.  There is nothing that God doesn’t know about us.  He knows every hair on our head.  So please don’t think that you are going through anything alone.  He is the friend that we should always confide in because He will be there when no one else will.

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